Mental Health Defense


Mr. Goodman is one of the few lawyers to have won acquittals by the use of the rarely-successful insanity defense.  In two separate pro bono cases, Mr. Goodman represented refugees (one from Iraq and one from Somalia) who had come to the United States after enduring unspeakable horrors under abusive regimes.

In People of Illinois v. Sundus Balwa, Mr. Goodman won an acquittal before a jury on behalf of an Iraqi national who endured torture under the Hussein regime, came to the United States as refugee, and was prosecuted after her disabled child tragically plunged to her death from a third-story window. For more information on this case, see the article in the Chicago Tribune.

In People of Illinois v. Fatuma Muhammed, Mr. Goodman also successfully argued an insanity defense on behalf of a refugee from Somalia who was prosecuted for aggravated battery following an altercation with two Chicago Police Officers.

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